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Meet some of the famed architects and designers Studio Maleki is proud to work with

Meet some of the famed architects and designers Studio Maleki is proud to have worked with

Meet some of the famed architects and designers Studio Maleki is proud to have worked with

Norman Foster

Famous British architect, Norman Foster stands out for his simple and modern aesthetic embodied in steel and glass masterpieces. He is credited with some of the most innovative buildings on the New York City skyline, such as the Hearst Tower. Foster's fifty-year work ranges from the Reichstag in Berlin, to the HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong, to the Gherkin in London, also known as 30 St Mary Ax.

Mayne Thom

Thom Mayne fuses the schools of architecture, urbanism and design to build his philosophy of bold and unconventional architecture. Mayne is acclaimed for creating his own design collective known as Morphosis. Thom is the recipient of the 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize. The quintessential architect is mostly famous for his works such as: 41 Cooper Square in New York, the Sun Tower in Seoul, and Bill & Melinda Gates Hall at Cornell University.

Ben van Berkel

Dutch architect and  co-founder at UNStudio, Berkel practices, teaches and focuses on architecture, urban development and infrastructure.After forming UNStudio, Berkel decided to form the digital based UNSense which works to develop human-centric solutions that aid the environment. He is known for works such as: Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the Arnhem Central Station, and the Canaletto Tower in London.

Mario Botta

The swiss architect Mario Botta was trained by the likes of Carlo Scarpa and was highly inspired by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. Famed to always be with the likes of artists and intellectuals, his work has inspired many. Botta is famous for invigoration works such as: the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Mogno, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Cappella Santa Maria degli Angeli in Switzerland.

Peter Zumthor

Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor is known as being an uncompromising and minimalist architect. He was awarded the 2009 Pritzker Prize and 2013 RIBA Royal Gold Medal for his unique and bold vision. His works look to showcase technological, cultural and theoretical themes. His most famous works include: the Bregenz Art Museum in Austria, the Swiss Sound Box, the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2000 in Hannover, and the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London.

Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman is an American renowned architect who is also famous as a theorist and educator. His works are known to be a part of the modernist and deconstructive schools. Eisenman is considered to be a part of the renowned group of the New York Five. Famous works include: the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, House VI in Connecticut, and the Wexner Center for the Arts in Ohio.


Sou Fujimoto

Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto’s reputation as an architect surpasses himself. His constant search for the new and his conceptual pieces has shot him to fame. He is known as a leader in the new generation of architects in Japan. He is most famous for his exhibit at Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013, he now runs a firm of architects with his namesake and has completed distinguished works such as: House NA in Tokyo, the Arbre Blanc in Montpellier, and the House of Hungarian Music in Budapest.

Alessandro Mendini

The genius of Alessandro Mendini spans over years of experience not only as an architect yet also as a designer. The Milanese designer is one the most credited figures for helping to shape Italian, Postmodern, and Radical design. His experience led him to also contribute and work with influential magazines such as Casabella, Modo and Domus. The founder of Atelier Mendini is renown for outstanding career within the design world, his most famed works include: the Groninger Museum, in Netherlands, the Omegna Museum-Forum in Verbano, and the Proust armchair from 1976 for his own Atelier Mendini.

Domenico Paladino

Domenico Paladino, also known as Mimmo Paladino is a highly influential figure in the Transvanguardian artistic movement. Mimmo Paladino is a sculptor, printmaker, and artist. He is the first Italian artist to exhibit at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing. He especially gained international attention in his later years for his project installations and paintings such as: The Salt Mountain in 1990, The Sound of Night from 1986 and many unnamed works.

Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia is a monumental figure in the world of art, especially within the Italian scene. Along with Francesco Clemente, Enzo Cucchi, Nicola De Maria and Mimmo Paladino, he was a prominent member of the Italian Neo-Expressionist movement that was later coined as Transvanguardia. Chia’s most famous pieces include: Water Bearer, The Idleness of Sisyphus, and Rabbit for Dinner.

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